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As a member of The Society, you will enjoy the opportunity to network with other experienced adjusters in the property and casualty fields. Your CGA/CFGA designation documents your knowledge and skill in adjusting. Carriers will know that you have obtained the education and experience to be successful, and that you have a strong commitment to your ethics and values. The CGA/CFGA is a special designation for adjusters to recognize experience and expertise.

This is the time to obtain your designation ahead of the next big event. More and more insurers and I.A. firms are seeking adjusters with the designation. Set yourself above the others soliciting for the same positions you are, and let yourself be solicited instead!

Why The Society?

Benefits of The Society

With our negotiations directly with many insurers, we are encouraged that they will seek out CGA and CFGA designees for direct assignments of large losses first!

As a Certifed General Adjuster, you stand above the competition when it comes to negotiating for higher rates and fee schedules, and for larger loss assignments! This is accomplished through many insurers making contact directly with you, the adjuster, through The Society, rather than you hoping that whatever firm you’re working with makes a recommendation.

By holding the CGA/CFGA designation one is better armed to receive large loss assignments from I.A. firms and insurers. This means earning higher fees by virtue of larger losses rather than working a vast number of smaller claims at smaller fees just to net out the same or less earnings.

We have agreements in place with staffing agencies to place CGA/CFGA designees first where the opportunity exists.

We market for our members not just on The Society’s website, but are working with other industry websites that also promote The Society and our members.

We are working on many other things to offer our members in the near future. Like any organization, we’re growing, and as we grow, what we offer grows too!

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CFGA Designation

Certified Flood General Adjuster (CFGA)

Certified Flood General Adjuster (CFGA) is a designation that will uniquely identify the recipient as a person who is a professional in the adjustment of flood claims. As a professional, CFGA have proven their abilities in adjusting complicated residential and commercial flood losses. CFGA consistently exceed the NFIP standards and WYO expectations for exceptional flood claim reporting. CFGA's have the keen knowledge of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) and can communicate the program coverage's and caveats. As such, CFGA's are recognized as leaders in the adjustment of flood claims.

The Certified Flood General Adjuster (CFGA) designation is awarded to individuals who adhere to the SGA mission statement, NFIP standards and WYO expectations relative to the adjustment of flood claims.

Upon earning the CFGA desgination, that person will be recognized as a leader in the adjustment of flood claims.

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Membership is open to all who qualify or by invitation from an existing member in good standing. Exemptions are made for those who demonstrate a special ability and/or experience that has been recognized by The Society.

Membership, upon approval, is a one time payment. Members are deemed life members!

Designation Exclusivity

Staff/company adjusters

The CGA/CFGA Designation is not exclusive to the independent adjuster. The benefit for the staff/company adjuster in holding this designation is the recognition by an independent organization certifying and acknowledging the experience, skill, professionalism, and dedication you have to your profession as a claims representative at the highest level.

Further, the benefit of knowing moving forward that should you desire a change of employment, that holding the designation that was not merely assigned by an internal appointment, that you take this achievement with you no matter where you go in the future.

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